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How does the Detox Box ordering work?
What are the benefits to HŌM products?
What do I do if I haven’t received my HŌM Detox Box delivery?
Return & Refund Policy?
The HŌM Detox Box is too expensive for me. Are there other ways to experience the benefits of HŌM?
What is affirm?
What is Afterpay?
Can I use Afterpay on all orders?
What precautions are being taken against Covid-19?


When Will My Detox Box Arrive?
Will my food go bad being delivered?
Does HŌM Ship Internationally?
Do you deliver to PO Boxes?


Is the packaging sustainable?

Ingredients & Allergens

Are HŌM Products Allergen Free?
Do Your Meals Contain Soy?
Where do the ingredients come from?
Are all of your farms certified organic?
What is the full ingredient list in the Detox Box?